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What We Stand For

Founded in late 2021 with the mission of expanding access to affordable mobile productivity resources to the ever-growing freelancer and self-employed market, especially underserved communities with limited access to resources.


We aim to inspire freelancers and entrepreneurs alike to purse their dreams as we support their journey to financial solvency and cost savings.

PhoneTAXX is more than a product to market, but it is a story to tell.

We are in currently in the pre-seed stage, so join us...our story is still being written.

COMMUNITY - Adding value to the self-employed community

CONSCIOUS - Awareness of our social and economic impact 

CONTAGIOUS - Developing a relevant product that gains traction quickly

About Us

Our Team


Tiffany Johnson

Founder & CEO

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Olivia Rubin

Chief Customer Officer

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Monica Headshot.jpg

Monica Robertson

Chief Product Officer

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*Currently Recruiting*

Chief Technical Officer

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